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Become a Marriage-Building Parish

California Healthy Marriages Coalition (CHMC) can help your California Parish or Diocese start or expand a Marriage Ministry and help it become a Marriage-Building Parish or Diocese.

Here's testimonies from others CHMC has helped:

MARIA COVARRUBIAS, Director of the Office of Catechetical Ministry for the Diocese of San Bernardino, California 

  • "We are partnering with the California Healthy Marriages Coalition to reach our goal of making Marriage Education an important part of all of our Sacramental Preparation programs throughout the entire Diocese of San Bernardino. CHMC is a wonderful organization and we encourage all Dioceses and Parishes throughout California to partner with CHMC to help the Catholic Church within California to become a state-wide Marriage-Building Church."

CHRIS & VICKIE LYFORD, Founders of Catholic Family Movement, former Family Life Director for the
Diocese of San Francisco, California

  • "Couples in Parishes throughout the Bay Area who have been in the Church and married - from just a few months to more than fifty years - are now experiencing a new chapter of intimacy, happiness and love in their marriage thanks to our Marriage Ministry. We owe CHMC a deep sense of gratitude for all their support and work to help the churches we work with become Marriage-Building Parishes."

Your California Parish is Just 3 Steps Away from Becoming a Marriage-Building Parish!

1. Request our FREE Marriage-Building Parish Pack (send contact and shipping info by email to

2. Review materials in the Marriage-Building Parish Pack which include:

  • "75 Key Strategies to Change the World by Promoting Healthy Marriages" DVD*
  • "Integrating Marriage Education into Sacramental Preparation Programs" DVD**
  • "First Steps to Launch a Marriage Ministry" How-to Kit. (link below)

*NACFLM National Conference 2007 - Plenary Presentation by Dennis Stoica, President of CHMC
**NACFLM National Conference 2010 -Presentation by Dennis Stoica & Maria Covarrubias, Director of the Office of Catechetical Ministry for the Diocese of San Bernardino, California

3. Register to partner with CHMC to become a Marriage-Building Parish.

Download CHMC's How-To-Kit to Start and/or Expand a Marriage Ministry. 
         (1) First Steps to Launch a Marriage Ministry 
         (2) Guide to Developing Your Marriage Ministry 

If your parish has couples or individuals interested in teaching Marriage Education and/or Relationship Education:
        (1) Identify Curricula* to Offer
        (2) Register for an Upcoming Class
        (3) Sign Up for Facilitator Training

    * CHMC strongly recommends Mastering the Mysteries of Love. In addition to the  curriculum, read Mastering the Mysteries of Love - Biblical Validations of the 10 Skills.

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