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World Class Marriage
... For Couples Who Want More

Every couple has what it takes to create a World Class Marriage!

Great marriages are made, not born! But many of us don't know how to make our relationships better.  The World Class Marriage Workshop empowers couples with insights, tools, and practical steps to reach a new level of intimacy, understanding, and vitality.

The Workshop is based on the book World Class Marriage: How to Create the Relationship You Always Wanted with the Partner You Already Have by internationally acclaimed authors and realtionship trainers, Patty Howell, Ed.M., and Ralph Jones. Howell and Jones have been married for 30 years.

Having a great marriage is within your reach...World Class Marriage will help you get there!

"...a very fullfilling experience. I feel as though we have gained extremely valuable informaiton and tools to nurture our relationship."
"I was not looking forward to it, but I'm glad I both grew as a couple."
"...the skills we learned in this class fixed our relationship problems and gave us confidence that we can have a successful marriage."
"Excellent workshop tailored to couples."
"I liked that we had a lot of interaction with our spouse...and it wasn't just listening to trainers."
"I really enjoyed the mix of listening, individual, group and couple interactions...the combination of activities was engaging and enjoyable."

Create the relationship you always wanted with the partner you already have!

The World Class Marriage Workshop combines fun and interaction with personal privacy and safety.

Learn the 16 Pillars of World Class Marriage - how to increase behaviors that nurture a relationship and avoid those that damage it. World Class Marriage Workshop topics include:

Using Power Listening
Changing Behaviors, Not Your Partner
Giving Caring the Way It Matters
Handling Hot Topics - Sex & Money
Growing Together
Forging a Bond
Nurturing the Honeymoon
...and much more!

What Leaders Say About World Class Marriage:

"World Class Marriage is a great course. It's profound as well as fun, and presents a wide range of skills that all couples benefit from. Even years later, my wife and I are still grateful for what we learned in World Class Marriage."
Dennis Stoica, President
California Healthy Marriages Coalition

"For me, World Class Marriage is a tremendous and quite practical course that is very easy to apply. Its 16 Pillars are extraordinary for helping Hispanic couples move toward a fantastic and happy marriage. Take it with an open heart."
Bishop John Sanchez
Apostolic Assembly

"The World Class Marriage Workshop ... is an incredible opportunity for couples to attend a premier marriage strengthening event. "
Ron McLain, Executive Director
Healthy Marriage Coalition of Fresno/Madera County

"Korean family ministry leaders feel deeply enriched by the gorgeous vision of World Class Marriage constructed upon the 16 Pillars. We are eager to deliver the beautiful gift of World Class Marriage to all Koreans!"
Dr. Eun Soon Yang, President
HIS University

"Couples... are going to really like what they will learn at World Class Marriage. Couples will love how the principles and skills help take their relationship to the next level!"
Jim Reyes, Executive Director
Central California Latino Healthy Marriage Coalition